Michael Vos studied music at UCSB in his early twenties. After learning all of the
mechanics of western classical music, the art form become boring to him.
Backpacking around Europe a few years later, he was invited by a French
photographer to portray her recently deceased by suicide boyfriend in a
love scene with a stunningly gorgeous German model. The whole experience
was magical. Upon exiting from the Parisian parking garage, Mike learned
that two planes had just flown into the Twin Towers.

Disillusioned and searching for a new medium, Michael began modeling for an agency in Paris. He used the opportunity to learn
the art of photography from master fashion photographers. Returning
home to L.A., the burgeoning photgrapher continued to understudy with legends. Soon after, he began his own
photographic career.

There are many approaches to photography. Different individuals
engage with the medium in different ways. For Michael, photography is a
medium that allows him to merge his love of beauty, science, technology
and drama all into one craft.

Michael  has recently been published in Architectural Digest for his interior
photography work with The Oppenheim Group. Other accolades include a
2021 commission with the Sedona Chamber of Commerce.

He has photographed over five hundred homes in the last three years for realtors, architects and Airbnb.

“I am still learning. I am still seeing things with fresh eyes. I am more creative now than ever.” – Michael Vos

I am here to help you realize your dreams