Monthly Bills

1. Website Hosting – Appx. $10.00 per month
2. Domain Name – $1.00 per month
3. Advertising – Appx. $30 per month on Instagram, plus the time it takes to run and create the ads. We should spend $150 per month on a Google Ads campaign advertising weekly on Facebook groups.
4. Maintaining the Website – Mike spends approximately 20 hours per month updating pugins, backing up the website, keeping the site up to date and uploading new content to the site. At $30 per hour, this is valued at $600 per month. Mike will keep a log of each minute spent on these tasks, and he will be paid $30 an hour out of the marketing and promotion budget for this job.
5. Monthly plugins– $35.00 per month for Smush. this app compresses large files so that the website runs faster-
6. WeTransfer – app for xferring large files – $12.00 per month
7. Adobe CC – $60.00 per month
8. Maintaining and uploading pics and reels to the Ig feed for VMG – Hours per month?
9. Verizon Phone Bill – $90 per month
10. Internet Bill – $60 per month
11. Epidemic Sound – $18.00 per month


Total Cost of Monthly Bills to Keep VMG Running: $316 out of Mike´s pocket plus $600 in computer work that he is currently not paid for and $30 a month out of Mike´s pocket for advertising costs.



1. Client Acquisition – 20%

Job Description – This is the fee paid for finding a client and closing a deal.

Job Responsibilities:

– Finding clients for VMG. This is currently done through advertising in Facebook groups, IG and google paid advertising, and word of mouth.
– Meeting with clients in person or via the phone or internet to close deals for VMG
– Communicating with the client from the start of the job to the end of the job and handling all of their concerns and complaints.
– Directing the client to the website for payment and making sure that their payments go through. This includes collecting our 50% deposit plus the 50% balance upon completion of the job.
– Delivering the files to the client and following up with them to make sure that they are happy with the product once it is delivered.


2. Marketing and Promotion – 10%. This 10% fee from each job will go back into the company to pay for marketing and promotion costs like advertising.

Job Description – There is some crossover here between Client Acquisition and Marketing and Promotion

Job Responsibilities

– Posting to Facebook groups once or twice a week in order to find clients
– Running Google Ads campaigns
– Running Instagram ads and posting to the Instagram page


3. Video Shooting – 15%

Job Description – Shooting video for clients

Job Responsibilities

– Show up to the location on time sober, clean and well-dressed
– Making creative decisions as far as what to shoot.
– Staying up to date with the latest AI trends, cameras and lenses


4. Video Editing – 15%

Job Description – Editing video for clients

Job Responsibilities

– Using music, graphics, video and sound effects to create an engaging video for clients from the raw footage shot by the videographer.
– Staying up to date with the latest AI trends and editing software
– Knowing the basics of video editing in Premiere Pro


5. Reel Creation – 10%

Job Description – Creating reels for clients

Job Responsibilities

– Creating original reels from the video using music, graphics, video and sound effects


6. Photo Shoot – 15%

Job Description – Creating professional photos for clients

Job Responsibilities

– Show up to the location on time sober, clean and well-dresed
– Shooting professional photos
– Staying up to date with the latest AI trends and cameras and lenses
– Knowing the basics of photography such as exposire and lighting techniques


7. Photo Post-Processing – 15%

Job Description – Editing professional photos for clients

Job Responsibilities

– Color correction
– Staying up to date with the latest AI trends
– Adjusting exposure, contrast, saturation, etc.. to make an aesthetically pleasing photo
– Using the flambient techniqure to blend images in Photoshop


Payment Breakdown of a $1000 Job

Imagine someone orders the VMG Photo Video Package that costs $1000. The person who lands the client gets $200. $100 goes back into the company for marketing and promotional costs. That leaves $700 for the artists. The person who shoots the video gets $150. The person who edits the video to completion gets $150. The person who creates the five short reels from the video gets $100. The still photographer who shoots the thirty five photos including 2 twilight exterior pics gets $150. The person who post processes the photos gets $150.