The Ocean – Nature´s Fountain of Youth

The Ocean – Nature´s Fountain of Youth

There must be an inherently large amount of stress in holding down the job of King:
citizen´s revolts, threats from neighboring countries, children whom behave like spoiled princes. Maybe that is why the nineteenth century Hawaiian King Kamehameha surfed. The ocean provided an entertaining way for the bronzed leader to calm his nerves as he speculated on how to keep his citizens content and his country strong.

It turns out that what´s been known intuitively by for decades by kings and peasants alike, that the ocean makes us feel more calm and rejuvenated, is now backed by solid science. From the abundance of health-enhancing trace minerals that seep in through our skin to the clear cut benefits that a mixture of a Wave Ki practice and surfing provide, our sport is clearly one that will help keep us youthful and vigorous well into our later years.

The trace minerals found in the ocean provide numerous health benefits. Boron, a chemical element that was formed during the big bang some fourteen point five billion years ago, exists in salt water. While we are staring out at the blue horizon waiting on the next set wave, this mineral is seeping in through our skin, helping to prevent the calcium and bone loss and that occur naturally as we age.

Do you ever find yourself gazing out at the ocean, waiting for that next set wave and suddenly feeling zen-like? One reason may be due to the actual color of the sea. Psychologists have long theorized that blue has a calming effect on the nervous system.

As surfers, we are well aware of the potential skin hazards of a lifetime spent in the sun. But most of us are not cognizant of the fact that there are dermatological benefits to an ocean-based lifestyle. As we navigate out through the sand and into the surf, fine grains of sand are exfoliating the dead skin from our bare feet. As we relax into a zen-like mode in-between set waves, the salt water is absorbing bacteria and restoring healthy ph levels. Vitamin D is transmitting from the sun and through our skin, enhancing the health of our bones and teeth.


Cardio paragraphs

The cardiovascular benefits of surfing are too numerous to list. From the Wave-Ki exercises that we do on land to the intense cardiovascular workout we get when we enter into the water, surfing helps to keep our heart young.
The salt air that we inhale while we are out in the line-up is thicker than the air we breathe when away from the sea. This has the added health benefit of a higher quality breathing experience and a potential clearing out of the respiratory system.

final paragraph summary

A combination of a dedicated Wave Ki practice along with a healthy surfing routine is a surefire way to benefit both our mental and physical health.




1. Idea for a video comedy skit on the importance of boron

You could do a comedy voiceover riff off of Dumb and Dumber that plays on the rhyme of “boron” and “moron.”

Slogan: “Don´t be a moron, get your boron.”

Skit Synopsis:


2. Idea for a video comedy skit on the calming effect of looking at the color blue

Slogan: “If you want a relaxing hue, look at the ocean blue.”

Skit Synopsis
Jim Carrey´s character looks at the color blue and becomes relaxed and mellow. Jeff Daniels´character looks at red and gets aggro……you get the idea.




Boron is an element that formed about 14.5 bilion years ago during the big bang. it is a trace





Surfing, the sport of kings


Ever wonder why you feel more calm after a surf?




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